Window Cleaning

Best way to clean your windows... Hands down!
Residential Exterior Windows are cleaned for FREE with any additional service! Schedule your spring and fall window cleaning and receive special package pricing. Call for details.

Commercial Window Cleaning can get pretty complicated, that is why Complete Exterior Cleaning  has taken window cleaning to the next level. Utilizing the latest and greatest window washing technology, we can reach up to 4 stories from the ground to scrub and rinse your windows and frames with deionized water. This will save you the cost of the renting a lift and make for a high quality, streak free job! 

How The Water-fed System Works
Deionized water is filtered until it reaches 0 ppm (parts per million) meaning that no impurities are left. This pure water is stored in a sealed tank where it is pumped out to the water-fed pole onto the window. The specially designed brush at the end of the pole scrubs off all dirt from the window and then rinses it away. Once the window is rinsed thoroughly the pure water left on the window will simply evaporate leaving a sparkling clean window with no residue or water marks.
With the Window Cleaning Service from Complete Exterior Cleaning, you'll have peace of mind knowing:

-Purified Water Used
-Dries Streak Free
-No Ladders
-No Privacy Concerns
-Stays Cleaner Longer
-Eco Friendly