House Cleaning

We will wash your house from the face of your gutters to the ground removing dirt, black mold, algae, lichen and pollen. Let us be your house cleaning specialists today.
Here at Complete Exterior Cleaning, we know that you spend a lot of time and money on your home's landscaping, 
decks and other decorations throughout your lifetime. Keeping your siding clean and looking new will improve your home's appearance and increase value and curb appeal, along with saving you money in the long run.

Consider your health, too! Do you have allergy problems? 
Mildew and mold that grow on home exteriors are not good for your respiratory system and can trigger allergic reactions. At Complete Exterior Cleaning, we perform thorough house cleaning services so you'll be happier and healthier.

How often should I get a house cleaning?
You should get a house cleaning once every 2 years. Some 
lighter colors of siding that are in the shade and damp environments may require washing every year. We can determine how frequent your specific home will need to be cleaned.

Will my landscaping be damaged?
No! We use many methods to ensure that your grass, shrubs, flowers, pets and family members are not in any danger. We take pride that our cleaning procedures are environmental friendly and safe.

What will/will not be cleaned with the standard house washing process?
Our cleaning process is intended to remove most organic matter from your property including dirt, black mold, lichen, pollen, and green algae. 
House cleaning, unless specifically discussed, does not include removal of artillary fungi, rust stains, deck finishing stains or concrete splatter stains.

High Pressure vs. Low Pressure

Traditional power washing methods rely on extremely high pressures to, quite literally, blast dirt and grime from your home. Unfortunately, this level of force can have unwanted effects. It isn’t uncommon for houses exposed to high pressure power washing to end up with cracked siding, leaks, dents, and other costly damages.
Soft washing uses a low pressure, similar the force of a garden hose, to gently and effectively remove dirt, balck mold, stains, and other debris from your surfaces. This method relies on the right cleansers, top-tier equipment, and an expert touch to achieve maximized results. The team at Complete Exterior Cleaning can guarantee that your high expectations will be met… each and every time.