Concrete Cleaning and Patios

Do you have stained concrete? We're your exterior cleaning experts!

Concrete cleaning and patio cleaning is a great way to instantly increase the appeal of your home exterior.

Concrete is porous which gives it the ability to collect black mold and algae more than almost any other surface. It is important to clean and seal a stained concrete driveway or patio annually to protect the life and the look. The darkness of a stained concrete driveway or patio is not due to aging, it is caused by the collection of natural fungi over time.

Refer to the pictures for the difference between a clean driveway compared to the side that has collected black mold and algae for a period of time. By scrubbing your concrete of black mold, algae, and other pollutants, your property will look like new and increase your value over time!

We have a 3-step concrete cleaning process that guarantees you will be impressed with the clean look of your driveway, patio, or walkway.

Step 1 - Complete Exterior Cleaning technicians spray your driveway surface with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that helps break up the embedded fungi. 
Step 2 - After the solution has had a chance to settle in, the concrete is cleaned and rinsed using a high pressure wash. The high pressure ensures a deep clean, giving the customer the ability to undergo a concrete cleaning less often.
Step 3 - As an add on, Complete Exterior Cleaning  technicians can spray your concrete with a sealing solution which will help protect the clean concrete from the elements.

If you have stained concrete that shows signs of algae and black mold, let Complete Exterior Cleaning wash your surfaces today!